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2016-06-29 01:24:57
By JEFF PAUR @jeffpaur
Sr Fantasy Writer

It is a dilemma that every fantasy owner faces. When should you take a quarterback in your draft? There are all sorts of strategies for selecting a quarterback. You can go for the best and act early. You can wait until the middle rounds and take a guy after the elite guys are gone. There is the strategy of platooning two guys based on matchups. Needless to say, there are all sorts of ways to go about selecting a quarterback. The big issue is trying to figure out what works best.

So we wanted to take a closer look at what worked in drafts last year. We figured out where all the championship teams in our money leagues selected their first quarterback last season. Below are the rounds that had the most success for championship teams last season when drafting a quarterback.

1. 	7      		20.0%
2. 	8        	16.6%
3. 	9        	14.2%
4. 	6        	12.9%
5. 	3        	7.9%
6. 	10        	7.8%
7. 	5        	5.5%
8. 	4       	3.6%
9. 	2       	3.5%
10. 	11        	3.3%
11. 	12        	1.8%
12. 	13        	1.0%
13. 	14        	0.6%
14. 	1        	0.2%

If you take a look at this data, it clearly shows that waiting a bit to take a quarterback worked well for these championship teams. This was the strategy many teams used and had plenty of success. The top round was the seventh round, which was almost four percentage points ahead of the next round. The top three rounds were seven, eight and nine. Again, this proves many owners didn't want to act early on a quarterback and many had success with this strategy.