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Tight end Strength of Schedule

2017-07-14 02:28:22
By JEFF PAUR @jeffpaur
Sr Fantasy Writer

Using our rules for our money leagues, we came up with a schedule strength ranking for the tight end position. We are using our fantasy defenses report to calculate the rankings. This report can be found in all of our leagues under the "reports" heading. We took the schedule of each team and entered the average number of fantasy points allowed to tight ends last season from all of their opponents to get our fantasy points allowed number. This is a good indication of the tight ends with the most favorable schedules for fantasy scoring for the coming season.

Kyle Rudolph had his best season to date last year and seems ready to build on that, having a very favorable schedule for the coming year. The Ravens utilized the tight end often last year and seems setup to do that again, having the easiest schedule for tight ends. Martellus Bennett signed with the Packers to take over as the starting tight end and has a schedule setup for success in his first season. On the flip side, Vance McDonald and Tyler Higbee are two players many consider to be a sleeper for this year, but could have a hard time fulfilling their potential, having two of the toughest schedules for tight ends. Jack Doyle is another talent that many consider on the upswing but having the third toughest schedule for tight ends is a concern for the coming year. Take a look at the entire list closely before ranking your tight ends for the coming year.

1. 49ers    				176.42
2. Rams    				178.64
3. Colts    				184.18
4. Cowboys    				184.79
5. Redskins    				184.94
6. Seahawks    				185.07
7. Jaguars    				189.61
8. Cardinals     			190.09
9. Dolphins    				190.87
10. Texans    				191.72
11. Giants    				192.37
12. Raiders    				192.81
13. Titans    				193.46
14. Panthers    			194.47
15. Patriots    			197.02
16. Jets    				198.91
17. Chiefs    				200.64
18. Broncos    				201.52
19. Bucs    				201.57
20. Falcons    				202.25
21. Lions    				202.69
22. Chargers    			204.43
23. Eagles    				204.58
24. Bengals   	 			205.36
25. Browns    				205.37
26. Saints    				206.88
27. Bills    				207.26
28. Steelers    			208.94
29. Bears    				211.25
30. Packers    				214.61
31. Vikings    				216.26
32. Ravens    				221.18