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Wed May 19 12:51pm ET
By JEFF PAUR @jeffpaur
Sr Fantasy Writer

Play calling can be overlooked some when it comes to fantasy football, but it shouldn’t. The way teams call plays can impact a fantasy player greatly. Sure, trends change from year to year because of coaching changes and personnel, but it is always a good idea to know the teams that air it out most often or like to pound it out on the ground. So we took a look at last year’s play calling numbers as well as the four-year average for all the teams in the NFL. Below is a breakdown and what it might mean for you when you are setting your rankings and coming up with a strategy come draft day.

First off, let’s take a look at the passing numbers from last year.

1. Jaguars 65%
2. Steelers 64%
3. Buccaneers 63%
4. Texans 61%
Lions 61%
Chiefs 61%
Bears 61%
Falcons 61%
9. Redskins 60%
Cowboys 60%
Eagles 60%
12. Bills 59%
Bengals 59%
14. Seahawks 58%
15. Panthers 57%
Chargers 57%
Dolphins 57%
49ers 57%
19. Giants 56%
Broncos 56%
Rams 56%
22. Jets 55%
Raiders 55%
Colts 55%
Cardinals 55%
26. Packers 54%
27. Vikings 52%
28. Saints 51%
29. Browns 50%
30. Titans 48%
31. Patriots 47%
32. Ravens 42%

The Jaguars threw the ball most in all of football last year, airing it out 65 percent of the time. Teams that lose a lot of games tend to play from behind, needing to throw the ball. So it is not a huge surprise to see the 1-15 Jaguars lead the league in pass attempts last year. Other losing teams that were in the top 10 were the Texans, Lions, Falcons and Cowboys. So remember that come draft day when looking at quarterbacks, receivers and tight ends. Bad teams have a tendency to get more chances to throw the ball.