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2019 WR Breakdown

Thu May 28 3:50pm ET
Contributing Writer

The ’19 wide receiver group ranged all over the place. We got some monster performances from Michael Thomas but also had a lot of duds from superstars. We even a complete meltdown from one of the best in the game. Overall, there is a lot we can take away from the ’19 season in order for us to have a dominant ’20 season.

Going into the opening week, there were a lot of question marks surrounding a couple of players. We had reports that A.J. Green would be healthy by Week 4 or 5, so that kept his ADP around 70, which turned into a wasted sixth rounder for teams.  Tyreek Hill went from being drafted around 80 to a first rounder in some leagues after his case was dropped. Antonio Brown was also another huge question mark when Week 1 rolled around. After getting released by the Raiders during the preseason, Brown got picked up by the Patriots and fantasy teams swarmed to pick him up or trade for him. However, his time with the Patriots only lasted one game before getting released. This year, Brown is currently being drafted in the last few rounds as a low-risk, high potential player.

There were also a lot of speculation that turned out to be true. Chris Godwin finished second in total fantasy points scored after being a favorite mid-round sleeper in drafts. A.J. Brown is shooting up drafts boards for the ’20 season after putting up a terrific rookie season that included 1,000-plus yards and eight touchdowns. And Michael Thomas established himself as the clear No. 1 receiver for the ’20 season by putting up over 375 fantasy points, which is 99 more points than the second best receiver.