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Tue May 26 11:05am ET
By JEFF PAUR @jeffpaur
Sr Fantasy Writer

Using our rules for our money leagues, we came up with a schedule strength ranking for the quarterback position. We are using our fantasy defenses report to calculate the rankings. This report can be found in all of our leagues under the "reports" heading. We took the schedule of each team and entered the average number of fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks last season from all of their opponents to get our fantasy points allowed number. This is a good indication of the quarterbacks with the most favorable schedules for fantasy scoring for the coming season.

The results show Dak Prescott, Kirk Cousins, Carson Wentz and Jimmy Garoppolo could be setup for big seasons. Prescott looks really good, getting new weapons to work with offensively as well as a new coach. He could post career best numbers. Wentz was a top-10 quarterback last year despite having all sorts of injuries to deal with, so don't discount him to improve on those numbers with this schedule and a healthy receiving unit to work with. So as you can see, there are plenty of top quarterbacks with favorable fantasy schedules that seemed primed for success once again.

On the flipside, likely starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has the toughest fantasy schedule for quarterbacks. This doesn’t bode well for him to repeat some of his big games from last year. Derek Carr also has a challenging schedule, which doesn’t bode well for him to take his game to a new level. Deshaun Watson lost his favorite receiver this offseason and gets the third hardest schedule for quarterbacks. A regression could be happening for Watson this year. There are several top quarterbacks with challenging fantasy schedules. Adjust your rankings accordingly.

Take a close look at this entire ranking when figuring out your fantasy rankings for the coming season.

1. Miami 312.3
2. Las Vegas 319.7
3. Houston 319.8
4. Jets 319.8
5. Buffalo 325.1
6. Kansas City 325.4
7. Tennessee 326.2
8. Denver 326.7
9. Arizona 327.5
10. New England 328.9
11. Cincinnati 329.2
12. Atlanta 329.7
13. New Orleans 331.3
14. Tampa Bay 332.3
15. Giants 332.7
16. Pittsburgh 333.3
17. Chargers 334.8
18. Jacksonville 335.0
19. Seattle 335.7
20. Indianapolis 335.8
21. Cleveland 336.1
22. Detroit 336.4
23. Baltimore 337.3
24. Washington 338.1
25. Green Bay 338.2
26. Rams 338.7
  Philadelphia 338.7
  San Francisco 338.7
29. Minnesota 339.0
30. Dallas 342.5
31. Chicago 343.2
32. Carolina 344.8