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Training Camp Preview: AFC South

Fri Jul 9 12:01pm ET
By JEFF PAUR @jeffpaur
Sr Fantasy Writer

This is the third in a series of training camp previews. The previews give you a quick look at each team, going over position battles and injuries to watch in camp. And for this season, all training camps will open at the same time with the exception of three teams. Camp will open Tuesday, July 27 for 29 of the 32 NFL teams. The Steelers and Cowboys will open July 21 because they play in the preseason Hall of Fame Game. And lastly, the Bucs got an exemption to open early because they have the first game of the regular season on a Thursday night. Tampa gets their camp started July 24. The season is right around the corner.


The Titans were super close to winning it all last year, but came up just a little short. They will look to get over the hump this year. The offense has a chance to be very good after the addition of Julio Jones. The big thing in camp might be seeing if Jones and Ryan Tannehill can get on the same page. That will be one of the huge storylines in training camp, which takes place at Saint Thomas Sports Park in Nashville, Tenn.