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5 Fantasy Mistakes

Wed May 29 3:18pm ET
By JEFF PAUR @jeffpaur
Sr Fantasy Writer

Alright, here are some of my pet peeves when it comes to fantasy football. These are some issues that I see every year with fantasy owners. I'm going to help you avoid making the same mistakes before the season even starts. So here are five fantasy mistakes to avoid this season.

1. Bench a receiver because your opponent has the quarterback of that receiver.

This drives me absolutely crazy. A fantasy owner sits a player because of his opponent's lineup. The owner is going to sit Davante Adams this week because he is playing Aaron Rodgers. What? The whole point of fantasy football is to score the most points. This isn't real football. You need to field a lineup that will score the most possible points. It does not matter who your opponent is playing. If you are deciding between Adams and Corey Davis, pick the player that you think will score the most points that week. It doesn't matter if your opponent has Aaron Rodgers or Marcus Mariota. You need to field the best possible lineup for that week. It does not matter who your opponent is starting. That will not make a difference in your points scored. Play the best possible lineup every week that you think will score the most points.

2. Spend early draft picks on quarterbacks.

Sure, getting Patrick Mahomes or Andrew Luck is nice, but the quarterback position is crazy deep. There is not much of a difference in points between the second or third rated quarterback compared to the 15th ranked quarterback. Plus, platooning players at the deep position can produce just as good of fantasy production as many of the elite quarterbacks you would have to grab early in drafts. It just seems a waste of a high-draft pick to go early on the quarterback position come draft day. You are likely better served grabbing a top running back or receiver with early picks. There is more uncertainty surrounding those positions, especially as the draft proceeds.

3. Draft a full lineup come draft day.

Unless you are drafting a few days before the start of the season, it isn't necessary to draft a full lineup. Many of the better fantasy players load up on skill position players come draft day. You really don't need a full lineup after your draft is complete. Injuries happen and position changes occur until right before the start of the year, so fantasy values can change in a hurry. This is why taking a chance on skill players late in your draft instead of taking a kicker or second defense is a good idea. You could catch lightning in a bottle.

4. Go big early with your waiver wire bidding.

You definitely need to watch your waiver wire early in the year. Many players emerge at the start of the year and make an impact all season long. But spending all your waiver wire money early in the year is a bad idea. Go after the players that you think could help, but you are going to need to save some money for later in the year. Players can emerge just as easily in Week 10 as they do after the first week or two of the season. Don't spend all your waiver wire money early in the year. It can bite you in the butt before the season is out.

5. Play the matchup game.

I actually am a big proponent of looking at matchups and will examine them closely before setting my lineup. But with that said, don't get too cute when it comes to matchups. Good players score points no matter the opponent. Fantasy players can get caught up in matchups to a fault, making poor weekly decisions because they are caught up on favorable and unfavorable matchups. Sure, matchups help when it comes to tough lineup decisions, but benching elite players for a marginal play in a great matchup can really come back to haunt you. Don't overanalyze your matchup decisions.

Jeff Paur is a two-time finalist for FSWA Fantasy Football Writer of the Year and won the FSWA award for Best Fantasy Football Article on the Web in 2011. He also was the most accurate expert in 2012, winning the FSTA Fantasy Football Accuracy Award. If you have any questions for Jeff, email him at [email protected] Follow Jeff on Twitter @jeffpaur.