Glossary of Fantasy Football Terms

ADP (average draft position) - A report that lists where players are being picked in fantasy drafts. This gives you an idea of where players should be expected to go come draft day.

Auction - A bidding system used in place of a standard draft. Teams bid on players until their roster is filled.

Bench Players - Players that aren't in the starting lineup.

Blind Bidding - A transaction system used in many leagues to safeguard against cheating. Teams submit bids on players without knowing the bids from other teams. After all bids are submitted, the highest bidder gets the player.

Bust - A term used to describe a player that doesn't live up to expectations, performs below his projections.

Cheat Sheet - A quick reference guide of rankings to use during fantasy drafts, an abbreviated version of a bigger list of information.

Depth Chart - A listing of players by team, broken out by position and rank on the team.

Draft - Fantasy owners take turns selecting players for their team.

Draft Guide - A useful tool for fantasy owners, providing all sorts of information (rankings, articles, depth charts, etc.) to get ready for the fantasy football season.

Dynasty League - A league that retains rosters from season to season.

Fantasy General Manager/Owner - The person in charge of a fantasy football team, making all the moves - drafting, trading, dropping, setting lineups, etc.

Fantasy League - A group of owners competing against each other in hopes of finishing as the champion.

Free Agent - A player not owned by any other team and available to pickup after clearing waivers.

Head to Head - Playing an opponent every week as opposed to total points.

IDP (individual defensive players) - Instead of using a team defense, fantasy owners draft defensive position players, defensive lineman, linebackers, defensive backs.

Injury Report - NFL teams release a report every week during the season detailing injuries and probability of the player playing.

Keeper - A player that is kept on a fantasy team's roster from the previous season by the same owner.

Lineup - Owners set their starters every week before the NFL games start.

Mock Draft - A practice draft done to help project where players are being taken.

Performance League - A league that rewards players for yardage as well as touchdowns.

Pick - The slotted draft position for a team.

Playoffs - Conducted after the regular season to determine the league champion.

Point Per Reception (PPR) - A fantasy point is awarded for each reception a player makes regardless of the other scoring.

Re-draft League - A league that doesn't have keepers. Team rosters are cleared after the season. Every player is available to be taken from season to season.

Roster - The complete list of players on a team.

Salary Cap - The highest amount of money a team can spend while filling out their roster. A team can't exceed the cap number.

Scoring Rules - A set of rules that defines the ways your league can score points.

Serpentine Draft - A draft order in which the first pick in the first round drafts last in the second round. The last pick in the first round drafts first in the second round and so on.

Sleeper - A player that might not be on the radar of many fantasy owners and could exceed expectations.

Trade - When two or more teams swap players.

Transaction - Any roster move (i.e. drop player, pickup player or make a trade).

Waive - To release a player from your roster.

Waivers - A player that was recently dropped by a team will go to waivers in some leagues. This gives everyone a fair shot at acquiring the released player. Normally, the team with the worst record in the league has first waiver priority to add a released player.